Getting from here to there -  Integrating data for a successful digital workplace strategy.

Retailers understand the value of place better than almost any other industry. For example, Starbucks found that providing a European café-type ambience helped to sell their coffee, effectively creating a place where one could linger, write a homework assignment, or the next great novel. A place where the actual product was less relevant than the customer experience. An experience that gave them the edge over the competition; albeit their product still had to be one of the best on the market. 

  • With the continuing discussions around Big Data, this session will go into the benefits and business value in analyzing and storing all workplace data in one platform.
  • David will discuss how to create a better workplace strategy using actionable data from internal departments, external stakeholders, and employees within your organization.
  • Finally, David will present the first steps to get your data, processes and tools in place using a data community.

David Stillebroer

Director Product Management 
Planon International B.V.
David worked as a real estate portfolio manager before joining Planon in 2002 as a consultant. After gaining ten years of experience of Planon implementations and business consultancy, in 2012, he joined Planon’s Product Management team to work on developing the Real Estate Management and Sustainability Management solutions. Since 2016, David has been Director of Product Management and is responsible for Planon’s product strategy and the product management team.