Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) is launching its Danish hub on December 4 th , 2018 at the Workplace Evolution Summit.

• WE is a vibrant community of practice within IFMA focused on accelerating workplace innovation and knowledge. To date, WE has about 1500 members globally and over the past year, hubs have been launched in Sweden, Finland, Calgary and NYC to locally connect and collectively expand and deepen our workplace IQ.

• Like WE’s other local hubs, WE Denmark’s purpose is to build a local community of professionals interested in the workplace — designers, architects, facility managers, HR professionals, technology experts, and academics — to share and grow their workplace knowledge and expertise.

• WE Denmark will launch its initial kick-off at the Nordic Wokplace Evolution Summit by the main workplace organisations -IFMA, CIFS and DFM (Danish Facilities Management Network). This will be the first meeting of many to come.
• “WE HUBs bring together a global,  diverse, multi-disciplinary group of experts together in order to improve the way we work, one workplace at a time”, says CIFS Director and co-founder of WE Denmark, Jeffrey Saunders.

Svend Bie

Danish Facilities Management Network
My starting point is that any task solution requires the intention to be clear. Planning is good, but a clear intention for what the task solution should be able to deliver is crucial. Some things can be planned in detail, but in political, dynamic environments, planning has its natural boundaries, and that performance must always be adjusted when the reactions from customers, competitors, sympathizers or opponents are different than expected.

Jeffrey Scott Saunders

Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS)
CIFS is a non-profit organisation which is through comprehensive research creating awareness of the future and highlighting its importance to the present. Jeffrey has extensive experience in working with strategic Workplace projects. In his speech, he will give the delegates

Peter Ankerstjerne 

IFMA Denmark
Worked at ISS for close to 24 years, where I was responsible for Group Marketing, which coveredBranding, Marketing, Web/Digital/SoMe, Business Analytics, Sales Support (CRM) andResearch/Development. During my career at ISS, I led the development of the Integrated Facility Service...