Connected and Engaged: The business value of connecting and empowering your employees. 

• Change the Mindset and Perception of employee engagement.
• What engagement and disengagement look like in an organization.
• Measurement and Improvement of employees engagement.

Alia Lamadaar 

Enterprise Growth Benelux
Workplace by Facebook
The Workplace team is helping the world's most innovative companies, including Spotify, Walmart, Starbucks, and Heineken, to refocus their attention on the potential ROI of engaging and empowering their employees. Alia is eager to share the valuable lessons she's learned working with these digital leaders on complex change in the enterprise. 

Chris Hovde

Global People Movement Lead
As the Global People Movement Lead in Telia, Chris Hovde has made it all the way to the top. He is an entrepenour, blogger, advisor, and even more. Buisnesses have been founded, companies have been led, and as the former New Generation HR Manager in Telia, he is here to make a change. Ambitious, goaldriven, results-oriented, innovative and as a change-oriented leader is how he describes himself.