Space as Experience, Space as a Service, Space as Disruptor.

Coworking is disrupting the real estate industry when it comes to offices. Real estate owners are in stress, wondering what happened.  It is the demands from the new workforce that sets the agenda and it is so apart from the real estate traditional way of thinking – some look at coworking as a threat, some as an opportunity. The demands come from the mobile life of living, the digital generation going global and the fact that the number of SMEs grow like crazy.
The industry is going from B2B to B2C The demand is not only light and air, it is also flexible short contracts and all inclusive services. And very important is place, close to transportations. The demand is more and more on an individual level where extraordinary design, extended services, feel of a community, learnings, fun and health perspectives are important. Coworking is supporting the individuals in their daily life and will become the new black where people want to go, to gather, to hang out. It will be a one stop shopping focal point. 

A fad? No broad consensus: CFO, HR, CMO and CEO will find that coworking turns problems into opportunities.
Not only SMEs, also big companies upgrade their ”offices” going for activity based work with less fixed seats, more flexible solutions, open areas etc, challenging the status quo in real estate.

Wybo Wijnbergen

 General Manager Germany and the Netherlands
Wybo Wijnbergen is General Manager for Germany and the Netherlands at WeWork, leading the fast growing team to expand the Northern Europe region. He joined WeWork in 2015, with over twenty years of experience as both an Entrepreneur and Manager.  Wybo lives with his family in Berlin. At WeWork, he especially enjoys connecting businesses of all types and sizes and supporting their success in an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

Cecilia Glittsjö

Account Manager Office
NCC Property Development 
Experienced Business Development Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the Consultant industri and Real Estate industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Development, Sales Management, Change Management and Recruitment. Strong consulting professional with a focused in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from IHM Business School.

Göran Garberg 

Founder and CEO 
United Spaces 
Göran is a civil economist and entrepreneur. He has started Garberg's Advertising Agency, Corporate Missions Strategy Agency, Alnarp Cleanwater Sewage Treatment Company and the United Kingdom Coworking Concept. 
United Spaces is one of the first and oldest venues for collaborative work, meetings and development where people and businesses exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences.